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Shannon Casson

Shannon Casson

Founder & Chief Movement Officer

Shannon is nostalgic about her freedom to move and play as a child of the 80s and wants people of all ages to move and play more in order to feel better, become the best version of themselves, and to make meaningful connections with others.

She has fond memories of spending summers riding her bike to swim at the neighborhood lake and playing backyard games of football and wiffle ball with her two older brothers.  She went on to play college basketball at Marymount University in Virginia, where she earned her undergrad in accounting and might still hold a record as a 3-point shooter.  

Shannon started her business career in the Washington DC Metro area and quickly discovered she found more joy encouraging her fellow co-workers to be physically active than analyzing the budget.  She soon traded in her high heels for sneakers and went back to school to study kinesiology (she still struggles trying to walk in heels and wore flip flops to her wedding).  After graduating from UVA with her Masters of Teaching she headed west to the Colorado Rockies to teach children how and why to be physically active for the rest of their lives.

Throughout her 15+ year career as a physical educator, Shannon advocated for quality daily physical education (QDPE) and designed impactful PE curriculum tailored to the unique landscape of each community including: skateboarding, biking, cross-country skiing, ninja warrior, and yoga.  

Shannon is a contributing member of the Move Live Learn team and played a major role as a lead curriculum writer for Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s Winning in Life Program, which delivers physical literacy enriched programs for youth throughout the world.

Shannon recognizes the power of movement to connect communities and has spearheaded community-wide events including all-school bike rodeos, Bike to School Days, and cross-curricular Olympism experiences.  She is a champion for young females and brought Girls on the Run to Western Colorado and started the Utah chapter of Little Bellas.  Thanks to her relentless work ethic and perseverance, these programs and annual events are still going strong in their local communities today.

Shannon’s happe place is adventuring most anywhere on bikes with her partner, Jon.