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Curriculum Design & Program Development

All Ages Active Lifestyle Program Design

Community & Recreation Wellness Workshops

Active Lifestyle Coaching

Curriculum Design & Program Development

By working alongside your educators, students, and parents, we intentionally design an inclusive culture of learning through movement with an emphasis on fun.  Using physical literacy activation as the foundation, our curriculum is tailored to the unique needs of your school setting.  We believe it is crucial to embed health education, social and emotional learning, mental well-being and healthy eating into student learning targets.

Whether it be designing a physical and health education curriculum scope and sequence for grades pre-K to 12 or supporting classroom teachers in their journey to become physical literacy champions, we find both pathways crucial for student success.  With fundamental movement skill acquisition as the foundation, we work collaboratively with you to design purposeful, fun, and age appropriate daily physical activity (DPA) into our programming.   


All Ages Active Lifestyle Design

We are committed to activating physically literate communities across the globe.  It starts with building relationships and expands to envisioning a program that connects to local geographical recreational opportunities.  At the forefront of all programs is our focus on the whole person as we consider the physical, mental, and emotional health of all community members.  

We work alongside community leaders to provide them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to create healthy active lifestyle programming that is inclusive, accessible, affordable, and developmentally appropriate.  Collaboratively, we facilitate all program aspects, from the initial brainstorm session, to the planning, design, implementation support, and evaluation cycle.  We feel the evaluation cycle is critical and should include continuous monitoring, reflection, and feedback in order to assess the effectiveness of past programs and to guide future program decision-making.  


Community & Recreation Wellness Workshops

We support community leaders by facilitating workshops specifically designed to assist your community members to create daily opportunities to move and play.  Perhaps there is a need for an active transport workshop that empowers people to walk or bike to work?  Or envision a family focused workshop that provides ideas, tools, and resources for families to develop healthy eating plans and design active play family time.  

Whatever the topic, we work together to break down barriers and overcome obstacles to help community members integrate physical activity through play and healthy eating into daily living routines.  We thrive on creative workshop design and practical application for all community members.  

If we can dream it, we can design it.


Active Lifestyle Coaching

We believe that choosing a healthy active lifestyle is a mindset and that YOU are stronger than you think.  We know that behavior change takes time and that small changes have tremendous power in the long run.  And WE are in this for the long run and so are YOU.  We believe in nourishment for both body and mind.  We will work with you to overcome obstacles in your path in order for you to become the best version of YOU.  You are not alone in this journey and we will support you every step of the way.  

Personalized plans including daily physical activity, healthy eating plans, mindfulness tips, and positive mantras are coming your way.  Remember, YOU are stronger than you think and we are committed to helping you prove it to yourself.  Ready to begin?  

"If not now, when?"

~ Eckhart Tolle